Health and Safety Week brings healthy behavior to UWG

Health and Safety Week brings healthy behavior to UWG

UWG ensures that all students have everything they need to make sound decisions this semester. Last week, University Recreation teamed up with Health Education on campus for Health and Safety Week. This provided students with a week of activities promoting health and wellness in areas where students are known to struggle the most.

“In health education, our goal is to get our students to adopt healthy behaviors around multiple areas of wellness,” said Ron King, deputy director of health education on campus. He has worked in health education for 26 years, 16 of which at UWG. “We focus on much of the physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual health.”

Each day of the past week provided a different, focused experience for students.


“[Monday] we had a Polished Person campaign to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault,” King said. “We were painting one nail and discussing the reasons why we were there and who a polished person is and how you support victims and survivors.”

UWG provided a much-needed service on Tuesday that students would regularly pay out of pocket at the doctor’s office. The Georgia Department of Public Health visited the campus and conducted HIV testing for the UCC, free to students.

“Wednesday we have [a] health and fitness day,” said King. “It’s going to be a day just to talk to our personal trainers and instructors from UREC in our fitness and wellness domain about how to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy through exercise.”

Newnan’s campus also experienced Health and Safety Week with a Balance West event on Wednesday and Thursday, where students learned how to balance their lives and health.

“On the main campus, we’re going to do something that gets caught in the act,” King said. “We go around red-handed and see students adopting healthy behaviors and we’re going to say, we caught you in the act eating an apple instead of a bag of chips. Or we caught you being nice to someone. Everything students do in a positive light, we go around and see if we can capture that moment.”

King says health education works hard within the student body to teach the best ways to benefit campus life.

“We get together with graduate students and our student staff and let them be a voice,” King says. “It has nothing to do with me. It all has to do with what we decide we need to spread awareness about, whether that be alcohol awareness, drug awareness, safer sex, sexual assault, personal well-being or nutrition. They decide and we come up with ideas [for events] and drew up a game plan for that.”

King wants students to know that they are there for students in a way that can benefit their health.

“We are here to be a resource for all students with any needs or concerns they may have,” King said.




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