Deputy Sheriff intervenes to resuscitate unconscious woman

Deputy Sheriff intervenes to resuscitate unconscious woman

ABINGDON, Virginia — Washington County Virginia Deputy Randy Heldreth was completing a traffic stop at exit 19 Wednesday when he learned through the emergency room that an unconscious person was in need of CPR at Walmart.

“I called the department and said, ‘Which Walmart is that? Is it 19 or Exit 7?’ It was 19, so I went up. It was by the gas station area. So I walk in and there’s a group of people, and I see a civilian has started CPR, and I’ve taken over,” Heldreth said.” Honestly, I just went back to my training, the scenarios we practiced at the academy.”

Heldreth continued to resuscitate the individual until an ambulance medical team arrived to relieve him.


“After everything settled down and they left, I went back to answering calls,” Heldreth said. “Ultimately, that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help, help serve and protect people.”

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Sheriff Blake Andis of Washington County Virginia is always happy to see his officers doing their best in the service of their community and expressed on Wednesday how proud the department is of Heldreth’s actions.

“We are certainly proud of him,” Andis said. “We really care about our community. We’re starting families here ourselves. That lady, that’s someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother. It could be any of us. Maybe we’ll save one ourselves. We never know who it is, but we’re trying to to work on it all.”


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