Atrium Health Navicent nurse arrested for recording childbirth

Atrium Health Navicent nurse arrested for recording childbirth

Bibb County jail records show that Rachel Fastow was released from prison about 20 hours later after paying $44,000 bail.

MACON, Go. – A nurse from Atrium Health Navicent has been charged with a felony for allegedly hospitalizing a woman during childbirth and posting it on social media.


The alleged video recording took place on May 16 at Atrium Health Navicent.

The arrest warrant says the woman who gave birth learned on August 9 that the video had been circulated.

About six weeks later, the Atrium hospital police arrested the nurse.

We’ve received an arrest warrant from the Bibb County Magistrate Court.

It says that the laboring nurse saw Rachel Fastow enter the room with her phone flash on in the pocket of her hospital gown.

Another nurse saw her phone.

Fastow seemed to turn off her phone.

“It’s a strange situation. Normally you don’t take pictures of people in labor,” said Mercer Law Professor Dave Oedel.

But three months later, the woman says she learned a Snapchat video of her during labor was circulating on Atrium’s Labor and Delivery floor.

Oedel says this is now being pursued under Georgia’s state law.

“Boy, if I was Atrium and Navicent’s counsel, I’d be pretty worried,” Oedel said.

Fastow is charged with a single count of violating state wiretapping, which is a felony.

“Georgia has an unusually strict privacy law. That’s a hard law. That’s a crime that carries up to five years in prison,” Oedel said.

Bibb County jail records show Fastow was arrested around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

She was released about 20 hours later after paying $44,000 bail.

Fastow faces up to five years in prison or a $10,000 fine or both.

13WMAZ contacted both Fastow and the woman who had filed the complaint against her. Neither responded.

Atrium Health Navicent sent a statement to 13WMAZ. It says:

Privacy is of the utmost importance to our organization – both for our patients and for our teammates. Our goal is always that every patient entrusted to us with care has a positive experience in a safe environment. We are aware of the allegations and are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation to understand all the details of this case. Once all the facts are known, we will take appropriate action based on the findings.”


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