Arnold Schwarzenegger’s current wellness routine

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s current wellness routine

Bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is 75, but he still has plenty of energy. The 13-time world bodybuilding champion won his first major event, Mr. Universe, at age 20. However, things aren’t quite the same for Schwarzenegger as they were before in the bodybuilding realm.

After his heart surgery in 2018, Schwarzenegger was advised not to train heavily. In an interview with Men’s Health, he talked about his struggles after surgery and why his lifestyle has changed since his glory days as Mr. Olympia. He said,

“I don’t train hard anymore. After my heart surgery, I was advised not to exercise heavily. Don’t go three reps, the heaviest weight and all that sort of thing. So now I’m doing lighter weights and more reps.”

At his age, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to push the boundaries and set an example for the future of bodybuilding. He’s had his ups and downs over the years, especially in his post-bodybuilding phase. Somehow, though, he paved the way for himself to come back stronger. In this piece, we’ll take a look at Schwarzenegger’s current wellness routine.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wellness Routine

While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s routine has changed significantly since its heyday in the 1970s, it remains enviable no matter his age. First of all, Arnold emphasizes how important it is to get up early in the morning.

The Terminator actor shared,

“Say, ‘I’m going to get up an hour earlier in the morning,’ and just work on that. And then next time say, ‘I’m going to get up early and I’m going to have my coffee or my tea, and I’m going to read newspapers. ‘ “

He added, emphasizing the most important aspect of a routine,

“The most important thing about a routine is that you don’t ask yourself: should I or shouldn’t I, just do it. We don’t ask ourselves ‘should I inhale now? Should I exhale now?’ We don’t wonder if we should shower every day.”

Today, Arnold is up at 5 a.m., after which he rides his bike to the gym, where he will normally train for about 45 minutes. Due to his surgery, Schwarzenegger can no longer lift the heaviest weight and do three reps. Instead, he focuses on lighter weights with more reps. While he is up early, Arnold does not need the same amount of sleep as he did in his youth. At 19, he slept 9 hours a day because his body needed it. Now he wakes up six hours after going to bed, wherever he is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also told Men’s Health magazine that he was not always health-conscious.

“I wasn’t always health conscious. When you’re young, you get away with a lot of things.”

Arnold could have gotten away with it more easily when he was 20, but at 75 he can’t afford to make mistakes. This requires a strict diet and exercise regimen tailored to his current needs while still pushing him to his limits. His diet has probably changed the most in his life.

He stays away from animal proteins, especially red meat. Still, he enjoys a good steak from time to time. Arnold Schwarzenegger even added that he feels better on vegetables, stating that you don’t have to eat exclusively animal protein to get big. For now, you’ll find him stocking up on lettuce, spinach, eggs, strawberries, and other vegan foods, instead of beef, fish, and chicken.


At the age of 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks through all possible barriers. While not surprising, it’s incredibly encouraging to see him putting his health first and working hard to maintain his fitness. What sets him apart is his love and passion for bodybuilding. Even today, he supports the sport and has provided countless athletes with a platform to help them continue their careers.

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