Andy Grammer says prioritizing mental health is not a weakness – KS95

Andy Grammer says prioritizing mental health is not a weakness – KS95

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Andy Grammer is known as the good man in the music industry, but he admits he struggles with his mental health at times – and says that’s perfectly normal.


Speaking to Healthline, the “Fresh Eyes” singer said the pandemic forced him to take a close look at how he was coping with his mental health issues.

“[When] it got completely quiet and I wasn’t allowed to leave my house and not be around thousands of people and frankly not just be distracted, I had to sit by myself, and that wasn’t super fun,” Andy admitted.

He added, “[I] realized, oh, I’ve got a lot of work in, invisible work to do here that I don’t think would have been done so quickly if it hadn’t been for the pandemic.”

Andy encourages his male fans to take their mental health seriously in an upcoming appearance on the Man Enoughpodcast. His upcoming episode will cover “what it is with guys who we think are weak to go to therapy or something.”

“I had to be completely destroyed to say, ‘Okay, fine, I’m going to therapy.’ Why does it have to be? Why do I have to be so obviously incapable of going about my day and then say, ‘Okay, I think I need some help,’ he wondered.

Andy also hopes to normalize going to therapy, as it can be scary for some.

“I was afraid of owning the darker sides of myself. That’s why it’s a little scary to even admit to yourself that you’re not perfect,” he explained, urging his fans to “get things in tackle yourself” so that you can become “a complete version of yourself”.

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