You can buy a cooking gas cylinder for Rs.750..? How?

You can buy a cooking gas cylinder for Rs.750..?  How?

You can buy a cooking gas cylinder for Rs.750..!? How?

The price of cooking gas cylinders continues to rise, which is an extra cost for the middle class and poor people in their monthly budget. In this situation, Indane Gas Company, which operates under the Indian Oil Company, has also introduced composite gas cylinders. These composite gas cylinders are intended for domestic use only. The composite cylinder will be slightly lighter than the 14.2 kg cylinders currently in use. It is filled with 10 kg embers. And you can see how much smoke it will have. This cylinder is also available in a weight of 5 kg. The composite gas cylinder is not made of iron as it is now. It comes in rolls made of fiber. So it weighs less. Some places look like glass. Does not get dirty like old cylinders. These cylinders are sturdy and safe.The composite gas cooking cylinder is now only available in 28 cities, including Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Indane Company has decided to introduce this cylinder service all over the country soon. There is no subsidy for composite cooking gas cylinders weighing 10 kg. The grant is provided for a 5 kg composite cooking gas cylinder. If you want to buy composite cooking gas cylinders, you have to pay a separate deposit. 3350 rupees for a 10 kg cylinder and 2150 rupees for a 5 kg cylinder.If you already have an Indane cooking gas connection, you can hand in your old steel gas bottles and receive composite bottles at an additional cost. Just like existing gas bottles, composite cylinders are delivered to your home via Indane distributors. A subsidized cylinder weighing 14.2 kg is now being sold for over Rs 1000. This 10 kg cylinder is now available for Rs 750. The price is also subject to fluctuations.


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