What to avoid when cooking with a hot air fryer

What to avoid when cooking with a hot air fryer

AVOID THESE FOODS: These foods don’t work well in the air fryer (Image by Plan Shooting 2/ Imazins/ Getty Images)


As the cost of living crisis continues to worry people across the country, people may be looking for a way to cook while using less energy.

A air fryer is being hailed as the perfect kitchen appliance as the energy price ceiling skyrockets to £3549 a year. It consumes much less energy than the average electric or gas oven and provides an easy way to quickly prepare delicious meals.

BirminghamLive’s Rebecca Astill has tested some popular foods to see what to avoid when cooking with a hot air fryer. She’s made English breakfasts, roast dinners and homemade McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean everything has been a success.

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Below are her six “to avoid” items when using an air fryer:

  • Toast – Pretty much acceptable if there’s no toaster nearby, but it usually just dries out the bread. It also blows crumbs around the place, making it a messy option.
  • Broccoli – Another food item that has largely dried up. Many vegetables are a big hit in the air fryer, but broccoli just comes out dried up and the florets are pulverized.
  • Rice – This one is a given. Airfryers use dry heating and can’t get hot enough to boil water, so any kind of rain that needs to boil is a no go.
  • Pasta – Same problem as with rice, pasta depended on cooking to cook. However, pasta can be added to the air fryer during cooking to complete recipes.

  • Battered fish/wet batter – For pre-purchased battered fish, the hot air fryer works a dream to heat it up. However, mistreating a fish at home will not work, as the wet batter will simply slide off the fish. Using panko breadcrumbs has a little more stick, so work much better than a western batter.
  • popcorn – Popcorn seems like something that would work perfectly in an air fryer, but it isn’t at all. It’s actually a bit of a fire hazard as granules at the top can get stuck in the heating system if they pop – so it’s safest to avoid this altogether.

Do you have do’s and don’ts for air fryers? Leave your comment below.

  • Reporting by Rebecca Astill


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