These 5 fast food chains have the best deals

These 5 fast food chains have the best deals

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Fast food deals can save you money while satisfying your appetite.

Most important points:

  • Ordering fast food is an easy and convenient way to get your next meal.
  • You can keep more money in your pocket by taking advantage of special offers.
  • Fast food chains like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Taco Bell have money-saving deals.

Getting a meal from your favorite fast food restaurant is a convenient way to satisfy your hunger. Even if you’re on a strict budget, an occasional drive-thru ride is probably possible. If you know where to go, you might be able to score a deal on your order so you can keep putting more money in your savings account.

Check out these affordable deals available at some of the most popular fast food chains.

1. Burger King

Burger King is a good place to go if you are craving fast food for breakfast. The company has mobile-only offers available through its app. You can get a croissant and coffee for $4. If you also buy breakfast for a companion, you can pay $6 and get two croissants, two small hash browns and two small coffees.

2. Wendy’s

Wendy’s has affordable meals for those who like a bargain. You can special order the 4 for $4 – with a Jr. Cheeseburger, four piece chicken nuggets, a Jr. Fry and a cheap drink. But that’s not the only budget-friendly deal here.

Wendy’s also sells its $5 Biggie Bag. You can choose between a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken BLT or a Double Stack sandwich. The deal also included a four-piece chicken nugget, small bowl and small drink.

3. Sonic

Sonic is another fast food chain you should visit if you don’t want to go broke. The brand sells half-price cheeseburgers after 5 p.m. daily. You have to order through the mobile app to get this deal. Sonic also has half-price drinks available through the app throughout the day.

Even non-app users can save money with Sonic. If you’re visiting and haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can enjoy half-price drinks and slushes from 2-4pm daily.

4. Taco Bell

If you’re up for a trip to Taco Bell, you’ll be happy to hear that this fast food spot has budget-friendly deals. You can order a My Cravings Box with two food items, a side dish and a drink. Another bargain is the brand’s Happer Hour. Daily you can score $1 drinks and frozen drinks from 2-5pm.

5. McDonald’s

McDonald’s also has many offers available in its mobile app. You can score a discount regardless of the time you visit the drive-through. During breakfast hours you can get a breakfast sandwich for only $2.

If you order later in the day, there are one-for-one sandwich deals available, or you can score a free medium fry with any purchase over $1. It’s worth noting that you only get one in-app deal per day. order, but there are many ways to save money.

Save money on your next fast food visit

There’s no reason to pay full price for a fast food burger if you can avoid it. The next time you’re craving fast food, see if you can get a discount on your order. You can save money by taking advantage of money-saving deals.

Don’t forget to download your favorite fast food restaurant’s mobile app. You may be able to access additional offers that are only available through the app.

Are you looking for extra tips to stick to your budget? Check out these personal finance resources for more guidance.

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