Sell ​​loose frying oil – Krant

Sell ​​loose frying oil – Krant

POLICE have raided shops selling loose oil in areas inhabited by poor people. Retailers are forced to sell branded oil, even though the manufacturers do not market half-liter packs of their products. People are forced to buy one liter packs costing Rs 600 or more.

We belong to the Hindu community and use loose oil which is available for Rs 100 per litre. We use it to light clay lamps in our temples and in our homes, in accordance with our religious practices. Branded oil in packaging is expensive and we only use it for cooking purposes.

The concerned authorities should take note of the matter and stop this campaign in favor of branded oil manufacturers. Today they ask the retailers to stop selling loose oil, tomorrow they can ask milk sellers to stop selling fresh loose milk, forcing the people to buy packaged branded milk. Will that make sense?


If the authorities really want to stop something, they should instead focus on banning the sale of liquor and drugs that play with the future of our generations.

Parmesh Kumar Marker

Published in Dawn, September 15, 2022


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