Osmind launches integrated virtual visits, expanding care options for high-demand mental health practitioners

Osmind launches integrated virtual visits, expanding care options for high-demand mental health practitioners

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Osmin, the public benefit company that helps clinicians and researchers advance life-saving mental health care, today announced the launch of integrated Zoom Virtual Visits within its technology platform for mental health clinicians. Now clinicians can access both asynchronous and synchronous digital communication tools, all within the Osmind patient app. Virtual visits extend the already integrated experience of Osmind – between clinicians and patients – and generalist and specialist mental health clinicians, making it easier and safer to meet high patient demand.

“The future of mental health requires omnichannel care where telehealth plays a role in a wider continuum of treatments,” said Carlene MacMillan, MD and Vice President of Clinical Innovation at Osmind. “As clinicians, we have a professional obligation to only use telehealth platforms that are HIPAA compliant. Zoom offers a strong product with a powerful user experience over alternatives. We are delighted to be working together to offer their industry-leading solution.”

Osmind’s platform today fosters a therapeutic alliance between researchers, psychiatrists, mental health professionals and the patients they serve. With this launch, Osmind is expanding treatment options for mental health clinicians treating vulnerable individuals: those with moderate to severe mental illness, including patients with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety who may be unable to leave their homes to commute, or are geographically limited from personal visits.


Physicians and patients stay empowered with progress monitoring and logging tools. This alliance is enhanced with virtual visits, allowing clinicians to make a virtual visit appointment, share that link with the patient and initiate the virtual visit directly from the Osmind app. Now that Osmin is part of Zoom’s ISV Partner Program, clinicians can take advantage of Zoom’s secure, HIPAA-compliant video technology without having to manage additional vendor overhead or require patients to install new technology on their phones or computers.

The demand for psychiatric care in the US is only growing. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 47.7% of adults with severe mental illness in 2019 reported an unmet need for mental health care in the previous year.

“With the integration of Zoom technology and the Osmind EHR, we are meeting a major need in healthcare: clinics can now safely treat the most at-risk patients where they feel most comfortable with the click of a button, which is a revolutionizes access to care,” said Matt Cipolla, ISV Partner Account Manager, Zoom Video Communications. “We are proud to welcome Osmind to our ISV partner program to help transform the mental health landscape.”

Physicians need flexibility in service delivery to meet demand and expand access. Patients save time and money by not having to commute. Moreover, doctors, patients and care providers are often already familiar with Zoom, so that parties can log in seamlessly to their session.

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