New Psychological Fiction From Debut Author Eden Francis Compton Fights Patriarchy

New Psychological Fiction From Debut Author Eden Francis Compton Fights Patriarchy

Level 4 Press presents a dark, thought-provoking story of trauma inspired by Emily Dickinson.

JAMUL, California., September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Debut author Eden Francis Compton writes: Emily (Sep 2022), a dark spiral tale of a family’s inherited trauma, inspired by the American poet Emily Dickinson. Playwright Teddy Maine is caught up in a disturbing journey that slides in and out of reality, unraveling painful secrets while trying to complete a play about Emily Dickinson. Emily explores the psychology and power dynamics of abuse victims and their perpetrators, in line with social movements such as #metoo and the ubiquitous fight against sexual violence.

Teddy Maine is written along the lines of David Mamet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright with controversial, anti-politically correct beliefs. Mamet has made headlines and continues to do so with his portrayals of male domination, assault, sexuality and politics. His play “Bitter Wheat” was a poorly received comedy about: Harvey Weinsteinwho spurred the #metoo movement. Teddy Maine’s career is viewed in the same way; he is undoubtedly talented, but wears his bad reputation like a badge. Teddy makes a dark and fascinating means of exposing the complex relationships between abusers and abusers.


Eden Francis Compton was inspired to write this tragic story after delving into Dickinson’s prolific work. Dickinson’s themes of love, pain, guilt and death, combined with her controlling and alleged sexually abusive father, exposed the complexities of abusive relationships. Unraveling this, Compton began to ask, “Can we heal ourselves by exposing our dark secrets…or are some of them too toxic and better kept hidden?”

In emily, an assignment to transcribe a play Emily Dickinson should have been simple, but it has become a pure obsession.

One night Emily magically comes to life in the world famous playwright’s office Teddy Maine, seducing him, torturing him, begging him to reveal the shocking secret about her life that she has woven between the lines of her text. And tonight he finally got her. So why is Teddy holding a gun to his head?

Stumbling in and out of reality, we experience the magic of Emily Dickinson’s words as they lead Teddy on a harrowing journey that will change his life. . . eternally.

Eden Francis Compton’s psychological fiction, emily, is an unwavering look at the unraveling of a man and a woman who survive and fight back against the violent patriarchy.

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