Mom of 6 shares what she hopes kids know before they leave home

Mom of 6 shares what she hopes kids know before they leave home

A bittersweet moment for a Utah mom has become a viral post for parents on the Internet.

Earlier this week, mother of six Karalynne Call prepared her son to move out of their family home. It was the third child she had wrapped in a 10-day period.

“With three kids moving out of the house in 10 days, I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about the things I want my kids to know as they prepare for this next step,” said Call, whose children range in age from 23 to 8, TODAY told Parents.


The certified nutritionist and CEO of “Just Ingredients” told TODAY that as she recalled memories and favorite family moments, she thought to herself: “I can’t be the only one thinking about the lessons they leave with their kids.”

In that moment of inspiration, Call, who has a community of more than 800,000 people on Instagram, took a moment to share a short social post detailing what she hopes her kids know about health when they leave the house.

Call list included:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables daily
  • Filter your water
  • If you buy processed foods, buy those made from whole ingredients
  • Move your body and prioritize sleep
  • True health includes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health
  • Find the root cause when fighting a health problem
  • Your health is priceless
  • You can strengthen and support your immune system
  • Love others, love yourself and be kind

She said she never expected it to resonate with so many people.

“One of the goals of my Instagram page is to inspire people to make healthier choices in their everyday lives through simple product swapping,” Call said. “And while I spend so much time educating people around the world, I also make it a priority to teach those same lessons in our family.”

The post has amassed over 48,000 likes and over 700 comments from parents around the world.

“Love this so much. You are a good mom. Your boys are rested,” wrote one commenter.

Another shared: “I love this and I will share it with my kids.”

Outside of health, Call said she hopes her kids always know “wherever they are in their lives, no matter how old they are, or wherever they are in the world,” they always have a place under her roof.

“No matter how hard life gets, there is always something comforting about going back to a place where you are loved unconditionally, and I want my kids to know that they will always have that place,” she told TODAY Parents.

For fellow parents facing a similar empty nest, Call said the best advice she can give is to trust that you’ve prepared your kids for success.

“It’s their turn to take what you’ve taught them and grow into the best version of themselves,” she said, adding that it’s important for parents to take care of themselves, too. “Change can be scary and it can bring about a lot of different things for a lot of people. I know for myself that I’ve struggled with debilitating depression, taking care of myself especially when life gets tough is an important part of my daily routine.”


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