Mercado El Valle shares their secret recipe with the community

Mercado El Valle shares their secret recipe with the community

Mercado El Valle is a beloved restaurant in Sherwood, offering fresh and authentic Central American cuisine in its natural state.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — We stop at Mercado El Valle, one of the best restaurants in all of Sherwood!


The local business is an all-in-one restaurant, supermarket, bakery and butcher shop. From the food to the groceries, this restaurant serves Central American produce, resulting in a truly authentic experience.

The name itself is derived from Central America– Mercado El Valle translates to “market of the valley.” The store concept even draws on this influence, as it is traditional in Central America to provide customers with a one-stop-shop destination.

Using generations of family recipes, the Lopez’s have perfected the art of Mexican cuisine. The food here can best be described with two words: fresh and authentic.

The tortillas are made daily by hand and the meat comes straight from the in-house butcher shop. And theis not only lunch and dinner, but also breakfast! We had some of the best breakfast burritos we’ve ever had.

Mercado El Valle is the result of a dream come true. After visiting an aunt who lived in Sherwood, the Lopez family immediately knew that downtown Arkansas was the place where every dream they ever had could come true.

And WFalling in love with all that central Arkansas had to offer, they longed for their favorite Mexican food from home. It was with that desire that the Lopez family decided to make it themselves and offer a taste of their culture with their new neighbors.

As with many restaurants that have a popular product, the recipe is often a secret. But that’s not actually the case here.

The Lopez family prides itself on its transparency. As a family, they believe their goal is to share their culture and help others fall in love with the same foods they hold so dear.

If you order something from the restaurant and love it, they are happy to help you find the ingredients in their supermarket and teach you how to make it yourself.


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