Cooking Mama: Cookstar Creators’ New Game Comes With Nile Rodgers Side Dish

Cooking Mama: Cookstar Creators’ New Game Comes With Nile Rodgers Side Dish

If you think back to 2020, you might remember the sworded release of a game called Cooking Mama: Cookstar. Controversy surrounds the game after the mild-mannered cooking sim was abruptly pulled from the Switch eShop shortly after release, sparking rumors of built-in cryptocurrency mining, illegal use of copyrighted music, and disputes between the game’s developer and publisher, Planet Entertainment. and the owners of the Cooking Mama series, Office Create.

Now removed from the flaming-eyed matriarch that has dominated Nintendo cooking titles since the mid-2000s, Planet Entertainment has announced its next chef sim, Yum Yum Cookstar, is coming to Switch. October 4, 2022.

No longer associated with the Cooking Mama franchise (aside from the form, it seems), the game will have you cook a series of dishes for a trio of judges that were, oddly enough, written by National lampoon writers.


Stranger yet, your cooking playlist was put together by none other than Nile Rodgers himself. Indeed, the Chic frontman who was the genius behind disco and funk classics like “Everybody Dance” and “Le Freak” contributed the soundtrack to a Switch cooking simulator. Never thought we’d write that sentence, but here we are.

Check out the following list for the full menu of features that will be appearing on Yum Yum Cookstar:

– Master dozens of cooking techniques to unlock over 70 unique recipes!

– Control it your way with Touch, Motion or controller

– Rhythm-based mini-games and energetic soundtrack from Nile Rodgers will make you want to dance!

– Share comedy jury reactions on social media!

– Customize your kitchen and appliances

– 4 difficulty levels: Relaxed, Casual, Pro, Cookstar

– Composite Invitation Tournaments

– Daily cooking challenges

– Writing by National Lampoon

It comes out on October 4 in both physical and digital form for $39.99. Cooking Mama: Cookstar may have proven the age-old saying: too many cooks spoil the brothso maybe Yum Yum Cookstar can add a nice garnish and put the genre on the map nicely for a return to Nintendo.

And if nothing else, a splash of Nile Rodgers is never a bad thing.

What do you think of this upcoming game? And what is Nile Rodgers doing there? Did the developers just get lucky? Go crazy in the comments.


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