Columbia College students manage garden for charity | Mid Missouri News

Columbia College students manage garden for charity |  Mid Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The Columbia College Science Club is giving back to the community by harvesting a yard to donate fresh produce to the local Food Bank for Central and Northeastern Missouri. The project’s leaders are students Zoe Davis, the president of the Science Club, and Kristin Kelly, the treasurer of the Science Club.

Davis said they started planning the garden in July, which is a late start for planting.


“We started late because of all the rain and everything,” Davis said. “So we started with tomatoes and then peppers and it took off.”

Science Club President, Zoe Davis waters the garden

“It looked a little sad at the end of July. We didn’t think we were going to grow anything,” Kelly said.

Both Davis and Kelly said they wanted to give back to their communities, so they decided they should donate what they grow to the Food Bank.

Katie Adkins, the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Food Bank, said they source products from many different places, but they were excited to see the project grow.

“It was really cool to see the progress of the garden and see the products right before they go to our pantry,” Adkins said. “And to know it goes to neighbors the same day, maybe even the same day on plates.”

The Science Club has plans to make the garden even bigger next year.

“This is way too small,” Davis said. “We hope to make potatoes, peas and green beans.”

Adkins said the Food Bank distributed 30 million pounds of food and other items to people by 2021, of which 7.2 million pounds were just fresh produce.

“It’s great to be able to offer such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to neighbors because we know it’s a really healthy food source,” Adkins says. “It’s a great source of nutrition and nutrition is such a foundation for every other part of your life.”

Anyone who needs food resources or wants to donate products to the Food Bank can visit for more information.


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