Allendale County Tightens Rules For Kids At Football Games

Allendale County Tightens Rules For Kids At Football Games

ALLENDALE, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – Like some other local districts, schools in Allendale County are changing policies at sporting events with student safety in mind.

The new rules for Allendale-Fairfax High School “are in effect to provide an environment that promotes safety and a positive fan experience,” Superintendent Dr. Margaret Gilmore Wednesday.

“With the increase in unwanted behavior and the excessive number of young children staying on campus after completing games, these procedures will help address those concerns,” she continued.


Students in eighth grade or below are now not allowed to participate in an athletic event without a parent or guardian over the age of 21.

All fans must also be in the stands. No one is allowed to walk or stand during the game except to go to the toilet and/or the concession stand, Gilmore wrote.

Parents and guardians must also remain with their child at all times.

The rules are similar to those recently adopted in McDuffie County, Georgia.

Aiken County recently changed its rules toorequiring that property be brought to games only in clear bags of certain sizes.

Richmond County has not passed any new rules, although: a 17-year-old was recently found with a gun at the football game between Laney and Hephzibah high schools.

The rule changes come in the wake of the Texas school massacre and frequent school lockouts due to threats of violence often fueled by social media challenges.



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