6 Torrontés that suit every kitchen

6 Torrontés that suit every kitchen

Dishes with non-traditional flavor combinations are wine pairings most complex riddle. It is also becoming more common, given the increasing popularity of menus that emphasize fusion and the culinary worlds constant search for the next niche ingredient.

Due to the diversity in the nature of these dishes, we often have to scratch our heads when it comes to what to serve for dinner. It gets even more complicated when you consider that traditional combinations are often European centered. Even today in the professional realm, a common question from aspiring sommeliers is, “What would you pair with spices like curry?” The answer is not always clear.

We’re here to help, with wines that complement a wide variety of tastes. Enter the pride and joy of Argentina, a white wine varietal and brother of the esteemed Malbec, Torrontés. A unique, warmclimate grape, Torrontés reads like the love child of a fresh fruit salad and a bouquet of wild flowers. Slightly sweet on the nose, the light, well-balanced palate feel creates surprising complexity through more citruscentral, tonguetingling pep.


Due to its aromatic character, when served crisply chilled as intended, the wine does not overwhelm. The sweet flowers do well to counterbalance the understood intensity of spicy dishes and airs light enough to act as an ambassador for the palate. It is a youthful, fresh wine that is meant to be enjoyed within three to five years of bottling.

For those who want to increase the intensity of traditional enjoymented Pinot Grigio or looking for a break from their goto Sauvignon Blanc, Torrontés takes a unique middle ground that will please both sides of the spectrum. Don’t look for butter, oak, or caramel notes here, this is a delight for flora and fauna.

Our advice? Whip up the local Thai restaurant, make it a curry night or go for a fusion while enjoying one of our top picks belowrecommended by Wine Andlikes authors in general Jessica Vargas and Matt Kettman.

Wine lover rating: 87 points

This Torrontés-dominant blend with a hint of Riesling brings lychee, lemon zest and white flowers on the nose. The taste is a bit more sober, with some citrus tones and spicy acids. It is lightweight and good for a hot afternoon. Best Buy —Jesica Vargas


Wine lover rating: 90 points

Aromas of light honeysuckle, pineapple peels and mandarin sorbet invite the nose in this Spanish blend of 75% Albariño and 25% Torrontés. There is a delicate grip on the sip, framing the easy flavors of citrus and melon. —Matt Kettman

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Wine lover rating: 88 points

White grapefruit, lemon zest and white peach are on the nose of this refreshing wine. The palate presents more citrus and herbaceous flavors followed by nice acidity, leading to a lingering citrus-driven finish. —JV


Wine lover rating: 85 points

Intense citrus flavors of lime and orange zest, along with peppercorns and a light note of sweet spice, are on the nose. On the palate are exotic fruits, lime and melon. It has a slight acidity and a lingering finish.—JV

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Wine Enthusiast Rating: 90 Points

This wine shows great varietal typicity with an aromatic nose of geranium flower, white peach and citrus fruit. It has a nice acidity with subtle herbaceous notes and flavors of green apple, linden tea and stone fruit. It has a bitter, but pleasant aftertaste. Best Buy —JV


Wine lover rating: 88 points

With tropical fruit and subtle floral notes on the nose, this Torrontés is very approachable. It is not as wild as other wines of this variety, with stone fruit aromas and mineral character on the palate. It is a lean, light wine with a nice acidity and a clean aftertaste.—JV


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Published on September 15, 2022


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