5 easy and quick solutions to avoid cooking disasters

5 easy and quick solutions to avoid cooking disasters

Cooking is an art and it can seem difficult to get it perfect every time. In addition to skills and procedures, cooking also depends on the level of experience. Sometimes, even after years of experience, there are cases when you mess up the dish. Even the most famous chefs make mistakes, but they are also adept at preserving their food.

There will be times when adding another teaspoon of red pepper flakes can ruin your meal, but a sensible cook will always have some clever tricks up their sleeve.

If you know what to do, it’s not hard to fix a mistake. To prevent your food from becoming a cooking disaster, try keeping these simple tips and quick remedies handy.


About spicy food
Perhaps one of the most common mistakes is made when using red peppers. You can add cream, yogurt, or milk to your dish to balance out the spice if it has gotten too hot. The best diuretic for very spicy food is dairy. Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their distinctive hot taste, is present in them. On the other hand, casein, a compound found in milk and dairy products, links capsaicin and reduces the impact of chili.

Eating too much salt
The amount of salt in the meal can make or break the relationship, and too much salt is the ultimate deal breaker. The classic solution to a curry or stew that’s saltier than you expected is to add diced potatoes. The potato’s starch acts like a sponge to soak up all the extra salt. Alternatively, you can increase the number of ingredients in the stew, such as rice, pasta, or vegetables, to spread the workload. Depending on how much salt is in the food, a little vinegar or sugar occasionally can also help balance the salt content.

Overcooked vegetables
Sometimes we overcook our sabzis to the point where they become mushy and soggy. Is there a method to cure this culinary disaster? Vegetables and leafy greens often lose their crunch, even during cooking or precooking. This can be quickly remedied by boiling the vegetables in salted water instead of cold water. Another trick is to immediately place the cooked vegetables in a bowl of ice cold water.

About Fatty Food Curry
No one enjoys their curries and sauces with a thick layer of oil on them. In addition to being harmful, it also makes the food appear unappetising. Here’s a quick fix that’s simple and useful. Add some ice cubes to the curry and stir. However, you must act quickly to complete this remedy. The cubes must be removed before they melt. Ice cubes can also be put in a towel and kept in the sauce. You will see that the grease solidifies around the cloth and is easy to remove later. Keep in mind to reheat the meal one more time and adjust with spices.

Prevent eggs from sticking
Is your omelette sticking to the pan? Then try this genius tip for cooking eggs without oil: just put some oil on tissue paper and brush your pan.

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