What the US health system owes its lowest-earning workers?

What the US health system owes its lowest-earning workers?

The idea of ​​paying a health professional just the federal minimum wage is objectionable to many and can also be ethically charged. In many parts of the US, the cost of living is at least twice as high. As a result, health care workers, environmental workers, nurses and medical assistants, paramedics and other health professionals — as well as their families — may not only be at constant risk of injury and illness, but also face chronic financial instability and lack of health insurance coverage.

The September issue of AMA Journal of Ethics® (@JournalofEthics) examines what physicians and healthcare organizations owe these vital, but often undervalued and underpaid health professionals.

The issue contains the following articles.

    1. Psychiatric assistants and technicians are part of direct care staff in inpatient units who are subject to a lot of violence, but earn much less than higher status clinicians.
    1. The National Domestic Workers Alliance continues to organize around adequate employment protection for members, including caregivers.

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    1. This article applies advice to organizational obligations and interprofessional collaboration in healthcare.
    1. Interdisciplinary care requires mutual understanding, trust and respect.

The September magazine’s “Ethics Talk” podcast features a discussion with Noelle Driver, MD, an anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, about the status of low-paid health professionals.

The September issue also features seven author interview podcasts. Listen to past episodes of the “Ethics Talk” podcast or subscribe to Apple Podcasts or other services.

Also, CME modules from this month’s issue are being collected on the AMA Ed Hub™AMA Journal of Ethics webpage.

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