This re-released classic LEGO set is 25% off at Walmart

This re-released classic LEGO set is 25% off at Walmart

The original, unopened 1979 sets cost thousands of dollars.


The LEGO Galaxy Explorer Building Set is available for purchase at Walmart.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, LEGOs are just fun. While many sets are marketed specifically for kids and younger adults, LEGO recently decided to please their older fans by re-releasing a classic set from the late 1970s. As we reported in June, it would sell for $100 upon release.

But now at Walmart you can save 25% and pick up this popular set for just $75. That’s right, you can relive the glory days and get your hands on a new LEGO Galaxy Explorer Building set at the lowest price since the reissue.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Building Set

This set mimics the Classic 497 Galaxy Explorer model from 1979, but runs it on a larger scale. The famous delta-wing starship stands on three retractable legs and measures 20.5” x 12.5” x 5.0” when completed. But you also get four astronauts, living areas, beds, computers and more interior details so you can ramp up the display to your liking.

This is the perfect set for anyone who built the original in 1979, or any fan of classic LEGO sets who have followed the new releases in celebration of the company’s ’90se birthday. As a reissue of such a popular set, parents who built the original model can turn back time and now build this new set with their kids.

Since this is just a re-release, who knows how long LEGO will keep it in stores. So visit Walmart today and pick up a Galaxy Explorer Building Set for just $75.


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