Sharjah Women’s Sports Club Delivers ‘Nutrition and Sports Excellence’ Workshop

Sharjah Women’s Sports Club Delivers ‘Nutrition and Sports Excellence’ Workshop

dr. Akram, a nutritionist at the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, addresses the players during the workshop.


golf today, Personnel Reporter

To raise awareness among players, the Health Section of the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club conducted a workshop on ‘Nutrition and Sports Excellence’.

The workshop held on Tuesday covered four aspects, including the need for proper nutrition that improves performance; nutritional balance; food groups; and particulars of the diet on the day of entry into the competition.

During the workshop, Dr. Akram, nutritionist at Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, in the presence of the players of the club’s sports teams, highlights key aspects related to proper nutritional practices and habits.

She also discussed the lack of awareness among athletes regarding proper nutrition, which can inadvertently expose them to wrong practices, which can affect their results and reduce their performance in all competitions they participate in.

As part of the workshop, participants saw visual presentations of nutritional balance proposals and appropriate food groups for athletes, as well as ongoing nutritional health plans that correlate eating habits and exercise so that they could achieve desired levels of fitness and health while safely reducing calories.

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion for the female players that asked many questions about nutrition, the right ways to implement health plans and the biggest problems athletes face, especially on the days of competition in official competitions.

Fatima Al Hosani, Nutrition and Healthcare Specialist and Member of the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club Athletics Team and the UAE Athletics Team, confirmed that the workshop on ‘Nutrition and Sports Excellence’ covered the fundamentals of good nutrition and its direct impact on health athlete’s level and focus.

She expressed her satisfaction with the number of questions that the players in the discussion panel asked at the end of the workshop, which showed that they were eager to get the most benefit and to apply the information presented in a practical way.


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