Psychologists stunned by Iowa woman who posted thank-you message to Queen Elizabeth

Psychologists stunned by Iowa woman who posted thank-you message to Queen Elizabeth

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Noting that she showed no other signs of illness that would indicate a psychotic break, mental health experts told reporters on Wednesday that they were stunned by local Iowa woman Terri Francis, who last week had a thank you message to Queen Elizabeth II posted on social media. “After studying Terri’s brain chemistry and her family’s medical history, we don’t understand why she, a 56-year-old American woman, posted a heartfelt, emotional tribute to a recently deceased British monarch,” said psychologist Nancy Yates, who, in collaboration with dozens of top behavioral health experts across the country, suggested that perhaps incipient dementia, schizophrenia, or a large brain tumor could be behind the mother of three posting a 600-word Facebook tribute showing her love for a 96-year-old queen with whom she had absolutely no connections. In the above post, she called the late queen a ‘hero’, said she had prayed for England and the entire royal family, and repeatedly stated that she had cried all night. Since she has lived in Iowa all her life, never left the United States and has no British ancestry of any kind, we believe Terri is experiencing a complete break from reality and urge her to seek help immediately. At the time of going to press, Yates and her colleagues unilaterally advised that the Iowa woman be committed involuntarily after finding evidence that she had been collecting plates decorated with Queen Elizabeth’s face for decades.


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