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The Education Center at Naval Station Norfolk provides education and training for Navy and Marine Corps military and civilian personnel in occupational safety, industrial hygiene and environmental protection and disaster management. Their curriculum leads to improved operational readiness, safer and healthier workplaces, stewardship through compliance with applicable regulations, lower employee compensation costs and a more efficient mission.

“Every individual in the Navy outside the lifeline of our training center is a potential student in our eyes. In the last six months we have started to validate our curriculum base, the training center has nearly 40 courses available online and in person,” said Amanda Carter, Learning Standards Officer, NAVSAVENVTRACEN. “Some courses you may already know, such as Safety Programs Afloat,” Carter said. “Other courses include fire and life safety, accident investigation, marine ergonomics program, machine and machine monitoring standards, and respiratory protection program management. “The course catalog and course descriptions are available on our website,” she said. “However, we continue to evaluate our courses with an emphasis on the three ‘C’s’: right training, right time and right place,” Carter said.

Chief Logistics Specialist (LSC) Scott Jarvis is a 12-year Navy veteran and Hazardous Material Control and Management (HMC&M) instructor.


“There is always a lot of turnover in the Navy, this course will give your SUPPO, HAZO, and HAZMAT supervisor the tools they need to understand the inner workings of the S-9 division,” Jarvis says. “In addition to being a requirement for the Hazmat supervisor, I believe that all personnel in the S-9 Division should enroll to gain greater insight into organizational processes.”

Jarvis wants the naval company to know that staff are working tirelessly to ensure courses are kept up to date and information is accessible when giving instructions.

“We are currently implementing new ideas to bring this material to the fleet,” Jarvis says. “Our courses are not just for those with a hazardous materials supervisor role where needed. Taking one of our courses will make your commando safer and more effective.”

Contact Training Support Command Hampton Roads (TSC HR) to reserve quotas for NAVSAFENVTRACEN courses. Reserve a quota online via eNTRS or contact TSC HR. To use eNTRS, go to Use the address or call 757-492-5340/5335/5336/5337 to email Training Support Center-Hampton Roads.

The training center leadership and instructors emphasize the importance of attendance for those enrolled in online and in-person training. Those who register but do not attend take a potential quota from someone else in the naval venture. The Naval Safety Command will continue to highlight the courses available at the training center in the coming months, to help the fleet become more familiar with the courses and their applicability in the naval enterprise.

“I cannot emphasize the importance of the courses we deliver, but we often wonder what else we should be teaching as our operational environments evolve and new equipment comes online that poses new hazards to our sailors and marines,” said cmdr. Charles Wilhite, Commander, NAVSAVENVTRACES. “With the Naval Safety Command mandate to conduct risk and compliance assessments, it really gives us at the training center a new benchmark to evaluate with respect to the naval and marine organizations as a whole. With this information, we can consider additional topics to add to the training curriculum so that we protect the war fighter holistically,” Wilhite said.

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