Lush propagation of bamboo shoots in Odisha in view of India Book of Records

Lush propagation of bamboo shoots in Odisha in view of India Book of Records

Balangir: In Odisha’s Balangir, a unique food festival was staged in an attempt to enter the India Book Of Records.

About 100 kinds of dishes including dal, pudding, sweet dish, fry, crab curry, various snack items, fried rice with chicken, ‘karadi pitha’, ‘dhania karadi bhaat’ (rice) and shrimp dishes, were prepared using ‘Karadi’ ( bamboo shoots) as the main ingredient by the State Institute Of Hotel Management (SIHM), Balangir.

‘Karadi’ is a traditional dish from western Odisha and is also consumed in areas bordering dense forests. It is available in the markets during bamboo sprouting season, especially during monsoons.


District collector Chanchal Rana and Padma Awardee Haldhar Nag also attended the big food festival.

“I am very surprised to see so many dishes made from this ingredient. People have eaten different cuisines, but this spread of ‘karadi’ dishes can impress even the connoisseur. We hope that this unique initiative will help create a fan base for this traditional variant,” Collector Chanchal Rana told local media.

“I’ve tried about 10 dishes of ‘karadi’ before. But I’m surprised by this lush spread of 10o,” said the Padma Awardee.

Director of SIHM Dr. Suresh Kumar Eknath said it is important for the people of Odisha to be aware of the distinctive tasty culinary aspects of the western districts. “Bamboo shoots are an interesting part of Odisha’s food traditions. That’s why we decided to prepare a large number of dishes with this popular ingredient instead of limiting ourselves to just a few. A week-long plan went into effect and the idea was executed under the concept of ‘vocal for local’,” he added.


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