2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show Results & Summary – Fitness Volt

2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show Results & Summary – Fitness Volt

This weekend (September 10, 2022) saw the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro take place in padova, Italy. A total of four divisions attended this Olympia qualifier. Bodybuilding Competitors Out Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique and Bikini brought their best possible packages in the hope of getting a coveted invite to the biggest bodybuilding event of the year – 2022 Mr. Olympia.

The 58th Annual Mr. Joe Weider’s 2022 Olympia competition will take place December 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can find a full list of those who have qualified for the competition here. Athletes have until November 20, 2022 to earn invitations to this event. With only a few months left to qualify for the prestigious competition, any Olympia qualification is important at this stage of the season.

Athletes who finished fifth or above in 2022 Mr. Olympia in the Men’s Open division, will be automatically invited to participate in the competition this year. In addition, the top three bodybuilders from all other divisions placed in Olympia last year are also automatically invited to this year’s show.


Below is a full list of the Yamamoto Nutrition Pro winners:

Yamamoto Nutrition Pro 2022 Winners

  • Men’s Open: Vladyslav Suhoruchkoc
  • Classic physique: Christian Zagarella
  • Men’s physique: Jeffrey Darko
  • Bikini: Rukiye Solak

Results Yamamoto Nutrition Pro 2022

Men’s Open

Andrea Muzi was another big name in the mix. In the beginning of this year, he consistently participated in shows such as 2022 Chicago Pro, 2022 Mr. Big Evolution Pro, 2022 Puerto Rico Pro, 2022 Toronto Pro Supershow and 2022 IFBB California State Pro. He has been in the top five in all cases. The challenge he had for Yamamoto Pro was a bit more difficult and he finished third in the race.

Heading into this weekend’s show, Mohamed El Eman turned heads for his well-developed lower body. His feathered quads, in particular, stood out as one of his strongest features on the podium.

In addition to El Eman, many fans looked forward to the return of Vladyslav Suhoruchko. Known for her razor-sharp conditioning, Suhoruchko brought a balanced package to the podium this weekend.

Vlad recently took fifth place at the 2022 Mr. Big Man Evolution Pro. After a fierce battle, Vladyslav Suhoruchko won the Yamamoto Nutrition Pro title from the Men’s Open 2022 and earned his invitation to participate in the upcoming Olympia competition.

  • Winner — Vladyslav Suhoruchko
  • Second Place — Mohamed El Eman
  • Third place — Andrea Muzi
  • Fourth place — Jamie Christian-Johal
  • Fifth Place — Roman Fritz

Classic physique

Fans were eager to see which Classic Physique entrant would earn their Olympia invite this winter. Christian Zagarella was a name to watch given the flow of his physique. His impressive chest development and balanced lower body always make him an imposing threat.

Valeri Enchev’s granite conditioning made him an extremely tough opponent to deal with this weekend. His abs and biceps stood out on stage and he pushed Zagarella to the limit. Despite an exciting game, Christian Zagarella got his hand raised and earned an invite to 2022 Mr. Olympia.

  • Winner — Christian Zagarella
  • Second Place — Valeri Enchev
  • Third place — Siem Goossens
  • Fourth Place — Abdullah Al Sairafic
  • Fifth Place — Richard Gyula Nagy

physique men

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2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Scorecards

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The anticipation for the biggest show of the year continues to grow. Fitness Volt congratulates the winners on their big wins on the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro.


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